A collection of Swallowers in France and Great Britain

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A collection of Swallowers in France and Great Britain
One of the most famous "column-swallower", probably a demon with pointy ears and spiky hair- Église Notre-Dame, Échillais, Charente-Maritime.

A column-swallower (in French: "avaleur de colonne") or simply swallower (in French: "engouleur", "engoulent" or "grande goule") is known for absorbing a column and sometimes other thing, or animal or person, with its mouth gaping. In France, this column-swallower theme is often found in Romanesque churches in the Saintonge, region of Charente.

This is usually a grotesque head on a capital with a large open mouth where the top of the column ends.
It is also supposed to represent the mouth of Leviathan in the "harrowing of Hells", and for some the symbol of gluttony.

There are also many sculptures in churches depicting some kind of beast or monster swallowing another, or even people, on wood or on stained glass.

Another one from Église Notre-Dame, Échillais, Charente-Maritime
Column-swallower, on the west doorway, St Michael and All Angels, Ledbury, Herefordshire
St John, Elkstone, Gloucestershire, column-swallower, sharp teeth.
St Giles, Stanton St Quintin, Wiltshire, 12th C south door, column-swallower with a strange covering.
Dragon swallower on a bench end, Church of the Holy Ghost, Crowcombe, Somerset
St Davids Cathedral, Pembrokeshire, Wales, misericord
St Benedict, Horning, Norfolk, mouth of hells swallowing a poor sinner
12th C Column at St Martin, Chadenac, Charente-Maritime, maybe a large crown on his head
Fish swallowing another fish - St Mary, Earl Soham, Suffolk
Jonah swallowed by a big fish - 17c Dutch glass at St Mary, Preston on Stour, Warwickshire